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The Stormtrooper was always a fav of mine ever since I was a kid. And it was my first 501st quality costume I made. Well when I say I made I mean myself and my good friend Chris.
Back in 2000, It took us nearly 8 months to make my original Stormtrooper armor.
After YEARS of service 5 belts and abuse all around it was converted to Sandtrooper in 2005 and in 2006 a NEW set of Stormtrooper armor was built.




OK, So you want to be a trooper eh? Well first you'll need to make your armor, or check ebay, you might find a used set there for sale.
But after you have armor you'll need all the extras......

For the HELMET
Amp - The current amp of choice is the Radio Shack Amp Model # 277-1008
Speakers - This kit comes with a PERFECT speaker to fit under the chin piece  Record Mod
Fans -
Switches -
Noise Box - Only 3 choices in this area..
  Hyperdyne - $435 - This is THE TOP OF THE LINE noise card, But be ready to pay for it.
  Exoray Box - $75 - This is an improved clone of the original GT static box. Just Email EXORAY for info.
    Replacement IC Chips -  # CD4066  Sometimes the IC chips will die in the Exoray box. Here are replacement ones
  RomFX - $155 - I have no experience with this at all so I have no idea how good or bad it is, nor with their service.
Hearing Aid -

Boots - CABOOTS is where the majority of the troopers get theirs. They also have Biker Scout boots
Gloves -
Bodysuit -

Blaster -

Poldron -

Shoulder pouches -

Backpack -

Side Pouch -

Binders -
Grappling Hook -
Comlink -










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