Bartlett 4th of July Parade

July 6th 2003 - Bartlett, IL

Well with very short notice, we managed to pull together 7 Troopers, A Dummy Vader, and a
rebel pilot, And decorate 2 vehicles for this parade.
In costume was......
TK118 (Tom), TK669 (Kevin), TK737 (Duffy), TK604 (Luis), TK826 (Damian),
TB101 (Aimee), Rob, and Rebel Pilot (Andrew).
Helping out was Debbie (Video), Dave (Photos) and Jen (Driver)

Kevin was blaring Star Wars music from his car, hung the 501st banner, and made a Dummy Vader
to sit in the passenger seat. He got a ton of looks.
Parade was to be 3/4 of a mile, but we all agree it was MUCH longer. It was very hot as well
but a great time was had by all.

Kids enjoyed seeing us, We got a lot of cheers and applause. We tossed out candy and made the
residents LOVE us!

Thanks to the guy who gave some of the troopers a ride back to the starting point. No one thought about this at the beginning!

Parade was taped for local cable. We will have a copy of it soon I hope.

THANK YOU very much to the troopers who came out with such short notice to make this event a
big success! Lets do this again next year!

Andrew, TK669 and TK118 Get ready Almost ready to roll Troops Talk about the mission at hand And the mission starts Are these shaved ewoks attaing us?
TROOPS "Have some candy little girl" says Rob Ummmmm, there is more coming Tk118 talks to the crowd Troops Back up vehicle
TK118 left behind Rob starts recruiting the kids OOOOWCH, Her back is gonna HURT! The lead car FIRE FIRE FIRE
Luis has a new friend TK118 makes fun of TK737 TK604 and Chicken Boy! Troopers are our friends! Hi camera dude!
Troops invade Bartlett, IL The troops Nice car Look at that dude! Ok, See, then we shoot the rebels
Is this your kid? Nice to meet you! Follow the leader Anyone need to make a call? WATER!
Thanks for the drink MARCH TK118 plays Peek a boo with a youngling Lets Dance Wanna be a trooper? Says TK118
Bobble Head Trooper Or Mini TK118 See, Kid isn't hurt at all Says TK118 PEACE MAN! TK118 tells Andrew Move out TK826 stops to look
We see you over there Lets see some ID Howdy all Nice wheels dude! TK118 gets swamped by sugar deprived kids
Stop there young man! Nice turn out STEP IN TIME TK118 Hello M'lady Greeting little lady
On we go Your too slow! Spread out troops You thought we were all gone! Two clowns
TK669 gets car ready More Kids What you lookin at? Bunny ears See the funny guy in Orange?







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