Birthday Event


Ed, Ed, Cherri, Cheryl, Tom, and I all showed up right about 7:00pm and started to suit up. In addition to the birthday party in the bar there was a barmitzvah in one of the party rooms.

We hung around the bar and entry area to the hotel, to the mixed reactions of the bar patrons and the joy of the kids at the barmitzvah, who were constantly staying near us, asking questions and getting parents to take their pictures.

Kathy showed up a bit later, after dropping Thomas at his home and running afoul of a freight train. She was still suited up and ready to go when the guest of honor arrived.

As he walked in the door, he was greeted with a big "surprise" from all his friends and then promptly arrested. We had him on his knees, but the binders we had were too small for his wrists! Some great pictures were taken of him being threatened by our blasters and a lightsabre.

After bail was raised by all of the guests to benifit an animal shelter, we released him with his citation and Tom provided him with details on contacting us and joining the forums. He expressed a great deal of interest in acquiring the White Armor and hopes to join our ranks soon.

Troops participating:

Whinter Fenlynn, TIE
SL1719, Vader
TKvanB, Trooper
TK118, Trooper
edlitmus, Trooper
TI4438, TIE
TI4026, TIE
Schph Gochi, Hoth Rebel Scum







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