Nicholes Lemke Birthday Party
Carpentersville IL

Feb 20th 2011


Village Pizza and Pub - Carpentersville IL  -  Feb 20 2011


501st Members
Tom Schaefer – TK118 – Coordinator
Cheryl Whitaker – TB –TB 3127
Aimee Jorgensen – TK 101
Neil Aure – TK 3446
Steve Szynorowski - TK 3052
Thomas Turner – Rebel Pilot 4913
Eric Scheuermann – TD 1819
Brian Troyan – IG 8968
Mike Riemma – TI 1659

Les, Nicholes and Nicole with the MWG

Non 501st
Cathy Tomczak
Darcy Jorgensen

After we committed to the event the parents Nicole and Les were so happy we were coming that they made a $100.00 donation to Make A Wish in our name BEFORE the event even happened.! These people ROCK!

 They had told many of the parents of the kids that were coming to this party about our appearance, And how we do this to help raise money for good causes like Make A Wish. The parents were really impressed and many said they would also make a donation at the party.

Before the troop itself many of of us got together for bowling. We met up at the Brunswick Lanes in Algonquin and bowled a few games. Most of us suited up there before heading over to the bday troop.

We arrived at the party and after everyone was dressed and ready we went inside.

Once the parents and kids at the party saw is it was a bunch of WOWS and LOOK AT THEM! J
We talked to the kids, Handed out cards and took photos.
While a short troop, About 25 min, Fun was had by all and the Birthday boy and his parents were totally amazed with us and couldn’t be happier. They all were so thankful we were there and in such a large turnout.

After we suited down I went and talked with the parents again. They showed me the Jedi Certificates that Nicole ( the mom) made for all the kids, and the donation can she made. Not to mention the Jedi robes she made for all the kids. She really went all out !

On the can it said ….

“Every Star Wars character you enjoyed today volunteered their time and talent to make Nicholes birthday a once in a lifetime event.
They receive no compensation for what they do.
Please consider making a donation to help children with life threatening medical contitions in having their dream come true. ALL proceeds will be donated to
the Make-A-Wish  Foundation on the groups behalf.
Nicole, Les and Nicholes Lemke”

I also talked to Les, the boys father. We was so impressed with what we do that he is now looking into joining the 501st

After the party we suited down and had dinner at the pizza pub.  We sat, ate talked and had a lot of fun.

A great time was had by all. And shows how we are all one group and can work together to make memories for some, and help others and have fun all at the same time.  

After the event we were notified by birthday boys parents that they had made another donation in our name  for and additional $400.00

This makes the donation to make A Wish total for this event ALONE $500.00


Here is a couple THANK YOU emails from them .....


We don’t know how to thank you enough, it was such a pleasure meeting you in person yesterday. Now I have a face to my email name! We went home yesterday, looked at each other and just sat in amazement and re-told the day. Nicholes refused to take off his Darth Vader costume, until close to 9pm. Our Star Wars party was going to be good, but with your group’s appearance... it put this party into a different time zone. Literally.
Thank you for all the kind words you shared in this email and also in your mission report. It was great. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us, the candids by the bar and the others inside the restaurant were aWeSoMe! I’m so glad you shared them with me.
The donation bucket received some nice cash donations. I have two more people that have yet to donate (my parents and sister), so after I see them in the next day or two, I will send it off to Make-A-Wish again and follow up with the emails and notices to you. I’m hoping to get this donation completed by the end of this week. I will keep you posted.
With much appreciation,
Nicole Lemke


THANK YOU so much for taking this initial email a month ago and turning it into a dream come true. A simple thank you doesn’t seem adequate, just knowing what you and your group has done.... it leaves me without words. It was fantastic meeting you and Tom yesterday, I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak to you more. I hope that Tom conveyed to everyone our deepest appreciation for making this happen.
After the party yesterday, we sat in amazement at our home and re-processed our day. We knew we would have had a good Star Wars party, but your groups appearance blew the doors off the house. We received some generous donations in my donation can, and I’m waiting for a couple more within the next couple of days. The final donation should be sent to Make-A-Wish Foundation by the end of the week.
For Nicholes this was a birthday dream come true, as much as it was for him, it was also for us too. Seeing the sheer shock, enjoyment and wow factor, was thrilling to experience with our only child. I don’t think we will EVER top this party, but it makes you think about what we can do next. Hmmmm..... Star Wars experience at Disney World, Star Wars experience at LegoLand in California... ?!? Smile
Enjoy your day!
With much appreciation.
Nicole Lemke


  And a Special Thank You from Nicholes Himself !  


Yep TK118 got a score of 118 LOL

Bad game but cool number :)







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