Tom's Bio

Well Not that any one cares, but here it goes.....

Tom was born in Wisconsin and moved to IL in 84.   A few years later his daughter was born, and 3 years after that his son was born.

He graduated "Student of the year" and soon got a job at the same company his dad worked in. After 8 years of HARD work, they laid him off and got a job at a electrical supply house with his brother in law. Three years later he left to become the I.T. Department for a company who later moved to AZ and laid him off.
Tom did work as a professional cook in a marshmallow factory making Campfire Brand marshmallows, but has been promoted to Quality Assurance.

In 2000 Tom, a HUGE "Star Wars" fan, finally became a Stormtrooper and joined the Midwest Garrison of the 501st Legion

Tom also has and does enjoy Acting. He has performed on stage in WI, IL and L.A. Cali as "Riff Raff' in "Rocky Horror".
And has also done parts on film. He has been in "Major League", "Hoffa" and most recently "5-25-77" (still in production)



Legion Trooper of the Month - Jan 2007

Midwest Garrison Trooper of the Month - July 2004, July 2006,  Feb 2007, Sept 2007, July 2010,  Feb 2011


TK118's Bio

Name: Thosc Gomil Designation/s: TK118 - TD118 - RG118
Gender: Male Garrison: Midwest Garrison
Race: Human Mission: Recruitment
Hight: 6' Location: Illinois - Earth
Hair Color: Brown  
Eye Color: Green  
Affiliation: Imperial Empire  

Clone Trooper
tour of duty
Basic Duty Photo Tatooine Deployment
Royal Guard Duty Tusken Raider
 Tie Pilot Mission
Imperial Crewman Greedo  C-3PO    

Without Helmet

Born Thosc Gomil on Theed, Naboo, he learned at a young age just how corrupt the Jedi truly are. Up until the day his parents were brutally slain by supporters of the Jedi Order, Thosc had considered entering a whole other line of work. Held at bay by one particular Jedi Knight from interfering with the riot that started in the Market Square, Thosc was forced to witness the horrendous deaths of his parents. Eyes that burned with new hatred bore deeply into the young Jedi Knight's, Thosc's voice spoken barely above an audible whisper as he promised to avenge his mother and father, and to set right what had gone so terribly wrong.

With no home to return to, no occupation to employ him, and a unquenchable thirst to avenge his parents death, Thosc marched straight down to the Imperial Navy's newly opened Recruitment center and enlisted, where Thosc Gomil ceased to exist; making way for TK-118, one of the first non-cloned troopers. After the empire realised the need for free thinking troopers in the navy they started an aggressive recruitment plan.  New enlistees were admitted daily at an alarming rate. Upon graduating the imperial academy, he was immediately placed within the Stormtrooper Regiment known as Vader's Fist, the Fighting 501st. It was thought that the worse of the Imperial Navy's graduating classes were placed within the Fighting 501st; however, these men have surpassed the expectations that even Palpatine himself had for this group of dedicated men and women. The 501st is now thought of as "THE ELITE" of all the imperial forces.

TK-118's skills are best utilized in spreading the Imperial Propaganda and recruiting future recruits. This is done by touring the classrooms across the galaxy and speaking to the boys and girls about all the benefits of being a proud member of the Imperial Navy as well as the 501st. Recruitment nearly doubled once more the moment TK-118 arrived on Tattooine to show the children of the moisture farmers the truth about the New Imperial Order. With his success there, TK-118 was then stationed on Earth. A small planet in a galaxy far far away. The empire is seeking to expand into  new territories and with TK-118's performance so unmatched, he was perfect for the mission of recruitment there. And once placed within the Midwest Garrison, trooper numbers grew like wildfire.

"One of the heroes of the struggle of  the anarchy of the so-called "New Republic" is Stormtrooper TK-118.
His dedication to the Empire is an inspiration to all. His steely resolve and unwavering patriotism is the result of the brutal killing of his family by Jedi supporters.
Shortly after this, upon realizing the extent of the corruption of the Jedi Order, he enlisted in the Imperial Navy and was trained as a Stormtrooper. He was one of the first non-cloned Imperial troopers, and was commissioned in the 501st Legion, the legion that bears the proud designation of "Vader's Fist" and is the elite of the elite of all the Imperial forces.
He received specialty training in making other young men realize the truth of the Empire, and was assigned to Tatooine, where upon Imperial recruitment promptly doubled. After the tragedy at Yavin, TK-118 was assigned to Earth to boost the Imperial recruitment on that planet, and was assigned to the Midwest Garrison. Where, once again enlistment grew beyond the empires expectations.

TK-118 has recently finished training to take the ultimate step in imperial service: becoming a member of His Imperial Majesty's Guard."


Thanks to my good friends Arwen and Syren for the great writing of this bio!






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