Clone Wars

Mission Report – AMC 30 Barrington IL Clone Wars

Date Aug 15th 2008
Time 6pm – 11pm

Jim – Stormtrooper
Tom – Clonetrooper
Andy – Jingle Fett
Oblagon – Stormtrooper
Ed – TSandtrooper
- TK1819
Greg – Tie Pilot
Vicky – Tie Pilot
Jason – Darth Vader

Cathy – Photos
Jeff - Tie Pilot
Youngling - mini ties, mini Imp crew, mini Jedi

If I forgot anyone PLEASE let me know Ill add to list.

The Mission started with everyone arriving at the theater and suiting up. We were givin a roon in the upper level, away from public, to change. We then jammed 9 of us in the small elevator down and started making our appearance in the main lobby.

People were surprised and thrilled to see us there. We took tons of pictures and roamed the theaters, halls and outside in front of the theater.

While we were outside a South Barrington police car pulled up, backed up onto the sidewalk. We all thought that the officer was going to talk to us about the blasters, so we told Ed that since he was our mediator LOL. To our surprise, cop smiled at us and went inside with not a word to us. WHEWWWWWWWWWW
We later took a couple fun pics with him

After trooping till about 8:45 or so we suited down.

Jim, who was head of the troop, had talked to the manager. We were expecting to have some seats reserved for those of us staying to buy a ticket to see the film. The manager was going to move the film to a larger theater to accommodate all of us since the theaters were pretty full. To our surprise, not only did the Manager let us see the film free of charge….. but they made it so we had one of the theaters ALL TO OURSELVES ! Yep, we got a private screening! How cool was that!

Film was very cool, Better than I had expected it to be. Highlights were the nose art on the gun ship, NO JAR JAR and storyline. I do have to say that Zero was… well a surprise. Yea, ummm wait to you see and hear him, You will understand why some of us were a bit uneasy with her .. er him er.. whatever








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