Cartoon Network Troop
Cleveland OH   May 23 2009

Full report and more photos to come


Indiana I 80 Mile Marker 118  Order 66 anyone? Ohio exit 118 Rib Fest main entrance  

TC118 slides a beer mug to help the Cleveland Animal Protective League and winning a local a pair of Dave Mathews tickets.
(no, i didn't drink any beer, I HATE beer!)

TC118 talks to a young fan Picture time with fans NA NA NA BOO BOO This guy was HUGE, and ASKED me to point it at his head. Trust me, a guy that big you don't try that on your own!  
They like a man in uniform DANCE TC118 .. DANCE TC118 and Sophie (to right) cut a rug Doing the electric slide Doing the electric slide
What? Nope, sorry, cant let you have the blaster Is this your vehicle sir? Is this guy serious? A inflatable sward ?  
Do YOU R2? This is one HUGE free stamp!      
      Aimee gets stamped by Tom Where in the world is 101
        Abe looking at the odd fishman statue as to say.. What is that?







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