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Cartoon Network, after being told by Lucas Films, contacted us to do a special appearance. Well it was kind of short notice, they only wanted Clones and the date had changed about 3 time before the date of the 22nd stuck. Not to mention not until about 3 days before did we even really know what the appetence was for. After we had the final date, final details and talking to cartoon network all was set.

On Sept 22nd 2008 Myself and TC0084 (Jerry) along with Kathy VanB (as photo person) went to Edgar Allen Poe school in Chicago to surprise Calvin Rodgers with the announcement that he had won a Premier showing of the first two episodes of The Clone Wars the following Saturday.

The party is for him, his family and friends. They will also be getting a Clone Wars price pack. And members of the MWG will be present there as well!

After we got there Kathy and I went to the main office to report in. When we told the receptionist in the office who we were and why we were there she looked puzzled and called the principle who apparently kept the secret VERY WELL!

We were shown to the music room where we changed and met up with the photo and video crew as well as with Stephanie from Cartoon Network.

We went through the halls of the school, mostly unseen as kids were all in classes at the time. After the principle gave the que to another guy that we could come in, we walked in the room. Rather than get the screams and cheers of excitement, we were greeted by a room full of open jaws, wide eyes and dead silence!

I then Asked for the teacher Mrs Wilkins. Once she announced herself I told her we needed to see Calvin and asked if he was there. Once she pointed him out we walked up to him and I said to him that he had won the party from cartoon network and he would be the star on the red carpet He and the class went CRAZY! They started chanting CALVIN CALVIN CALVIN

Jerry then handed him a nice stack on Clone Wars books, and Cartoon Network brought books for the rest of the class and the school library.  His mom was also there and when she asked him what costume he wanted for Halloween, he said.. take a guess.... A CLONE TROOPER! LOL

After we signed a lot of autographs, took pictures and got some video for cartoon network we said goodbye to the class and headed out.

I don't think the teacher was going to have a very easy time trying to get the class calmed down after all that excitement But I am sure it will be something the kids talk about for a long time to come.


And to top it all off, as a thank you from Cartoon Network for us helping, they are going to be donating $300 to a charity (to yet be determined by US) in the Midwest Garrison / 501st name!

With the Principle With Principle and Steph from Cartoon Network With Calvin's Mom We arrive in room With Calvin and his mom just after we told hi he won
Talking to the class Signing autographs Class photo Jerry signing Talking to Calvin as Cartoon Network films
Calvin - The winner    Jerry and Tom   Talking to Calvin as Cartoon Network takes pics






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