Entertainment Collectors Expo


Hear are my pics from the Entertainment Collectors Expo in Itasa, IL On Sep 17 and 18 2005

Here are Leslie's pics  and Sara's pics
and here is's Report and their pics
Here is Darth Spice's Report and pics


ATTENTION! The gangs all here Emma and her future husband Our new friends SMILE
Photo by
Me and Pricilla Barnes
"Threes Company"
Me and Richard Keil
James Bond
Me and C. Andrew Nelson
"Darth Vader" In
Pic up shots in Star Wars Special Editions
Fans with Peter Mayhew, Daniel Logan, Ray Park, C Andrew Nelson and Kenny Baker
Me and Lawrence Makoare
"Chief Uruk Hai"
"Fellowship of the Ring"
The gangs all here
Photo by Leslie
Buckets off
Photo by Leslie
Again, Buckets off!
Photo by Leslie
Photo by Leslie
Look over there !
Photo by Leslie
Where do you think your going?
Photo by Leslie
If you move again, Im gonna shoot ya!
Photo by Leslie
Cynthia Cummens a new Stormtrooper! Hey Cynthia, nice .. Er I mean let me fix that for you Austin with
Daniel Logan
Austin with
Ray Park
Austin With
Paul Blake
Austin With
Peter Mayhew
Austin With R2-D2 Austin with
Kenny Baker
Austin with
C. Andrew Nelson
Austin With
Lawrence Makoare




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