Rockford IL July 15th

On a nice clear , yet warm Sunday, Myself, Darryl with R2S5, Rick Thames With R2-D2, Kelly Krider with R3-B2,  ____ As Darth Maul and his Wife ____ met at the Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club in Rockford IL for their Family Fun day.

WOW It is a rare time when we have an Astromech at an event, and on this day we had 3 to hang with Tom As C-3PO. And I must Thank ___ and ____ for their help in bolting me in the the Iron Maiden Also know as the C-3PO costume.

There were a lot of kids and adults alike who enjoyed having us there and we took a lot of photos.  BTW Goats DO NOT LIKE GOLD ROBOTS! LOL There was one cute little girl who knew that 3PO could understand R2 units, So when Darryl had the ghetto droid near me and made it talk, the girl would keep asking me what he said.:) I really was running out of things to say! LOL but she enjoied it and so did I :)

The troublesome little R2s were bothering the geese at the petting zoo, then tried to take a dip off the diving boards. And R2-S5 even took a turn assisting one of the life guards.


Thank you to Dana for setting this up and Having us out there! !






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