Star Wars Grindhouse Fan Film

April 20 2008

On April 20th Myself, Chunks daughter Samantha, Kathy V and her daughter Quincy shot some scenes for a short fan film trailer called "Star Wars Grindhouse" at the forest preserve in Hoffman Estates.


Director: Michael Ramova
Producer: Michael Ramova
Writer: Michael Ramova
Cast: elliot_taesoon
Cast: Tom Schaefer - Stormtrooper, Royal Guard, Tusken Raider, and C-3PO
Cast: Michael Comnate
Cast: Rick Markle - Darth Vader
Actors: Nikolay Nikolov
Cast: Rudy Grasha
Cast: Quincy Newkirk - Stormtrooper
Cast: Kathy Van Beuningen - Imperial Officer
Cast: Samantha Dembowski - Stormtrooper
Cast: Brian Broscoe


You can see this fan film on Atom Films RIGHT NOW! Click link below!

I'm this guard
Im the trooper in the center Yep, me as 3PO
Again. me in middle
Again. me in middle
Below are the storyboards :)
The pics below were taken 5-17-08







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