Hanover Park 50th Anniv Pararade


Mission Report Hanover Park 50th Anniv Parade  Aug 16th 08


Jim P TK159

Tom S TC118

Austin S TI118.5


Well we had more troopers that were going to show but sadly were not able to. But we had a good time anyway!


Hanover Park Mayor Rod Craig had personally asked me to have troopers escort him in this parade. This parade was to celebrate Hanover Parks 50th anniversary.


Jim and I met just off the main parade route, suited up and walked down to the parade start. We met up with the mayor, Miss Illinois and a couple of the trustees. We were 2nd in the parade! Just behind the fire truck that were first J

During the parade we escorted the mayor and waved to those watching.
With this being the first parade in MANY MANY years in Hanover Park, residents were SURPRISED and HAPPY to see us! And even more so when they found out we talk! LOL

Jim,s wife and children also came out to se parade. I hope to see pics soon


After parade the mayor thanked us and we headed home. This was a fairly small gig, shout parade, not very much time but FUN! And mayor was VERY appreciative.






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