Chicago IL

March 20 2011

Below are the pics taken while I was getting my Lifecast done... What is a lifecast?  Its a full size mold of your head used to sculpt special effects appliances for masks.

My Lifecast was done by ....

Dan Vondrasek of Devious Effects Group
A Ali Certified Lifecaster  Email : danvondrasek @


Here are the steps involved......

1. Slick back hair and put on bald cap. (This is done to protect hair and to get a good shape of the head)

2. Lightly grease eyebrows and eye lashes ( this is done so the alginate does not stick and rip them out when mold is removed)

3. Mark hairline ( This is done so that when a sculpt is make hairline will be known)

4. Apply plaster bandages around chest and back of neck and head (no need for alginate here as only need shape of head not details)

5. Apply alginate to face and front of neck. ( this will pick up fine details )

6. Apply plaster bandages to front over alginate ( this will give a base to keep alginate in shape )

7. Split front and back and remove

8. Reassemble halves of mold and smooth on cote of Ultracal on inside of mold to pick up details

9. Completely fill rest of the mold cavity with Ultracal

10. let sit and harden

11. Once hardened remove mold halves.

12. Sand and fix any minor imperfections

13. Make new latex negative off of Stone positive.

14. Make new positive from latex negative, using fiberglass

15. You now have a full size Fiberglass positive to sculpt on  :)


    Applying plaster bandages to
Back of my head
      applying alginate  
Covering alginate with plaster bandages        
  Removing mold from my head   Making Stone positive
from original mold
Making the latex negative
Off the stone positive






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