Birthday For Max


On Aug 2nd members of the MWG were asked to attend a birthday for a child named Max in Barrington IL. It was his 4th birthday.

I Had a blast at this event. I think the parents were just as excited to see us as the kids were! LOL

Max ( the birthday boy) was a doll! He was so cool and LOVED the clone figure and patches and stickers we gave him 

Talking to his mom, we found out he had his transplant at the age of 2 and sadly, last test are showing signes of rejection. So that means more meds and other issues for poor max

There were also a few other kids there also with the same heart problems Max had, that being that they have left side of their heart that are too small and all face some kind of medical issues in the future.

But for the day we all had fun! Fighting with lightsabers, taking pictures and having fun !

Event some of the kids AND ADULTS were dressed up as well! They had a yoda, jedi, Emperor, royal guard, and leia !

They will be sharing the photos with us

I LOVE doing events like this! just to see a kids smile makes it so worth it, and Max looked in awe!





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