Jan 5th 08

Just as the Clone Wars ended eventually, so goes the last "campaigns" at the Museum of Science and Industry's "Star Wars-Where Science Meets Imagination" Exhibit tour.

I can't thank our members enough for their support through this long campaign.

You all evidenced by one of my golden moments from yesterday.
While standing outside of the "photo circle", I got a chance to talk to one of the very many people who came hoping to see the Exhibit and found that it was sold out. They came by us as so often we were as close to Star Wars as they would get for the day. In conversation it came up that we were not hired help but were volunteers.....and her response...
"Yes, you can tell you are all volunteers as your smiles are genuine and you want to be here"...
I can't think of a better testimonial to our members and to the ever wonderful Star Wars fans who share their energy with us.

To our support Kristin and Robert....thanks for all of your help...we would be lost without you.
To see dedication, you just needed to see Robert carrying C-3PO up stairs and through the Zephyr where Tom hid to make some droid repairs...then Robert and a museum employee had to stuff Tom through a low door by each taking one end.

To the endless sea of people that came..... Bill Soloway as Boba Fett reported that it took him like 20 minutes to make it across the Great Hall, up an escalator and to the changing room as he could not walk without requests for photos. When trying to get Vader and C-3PO places, it was an incredible one point all of the Rebels had to surround him to keep people back because Tom was about ready to pass out and NEEDED to get back to the room for air. It is hard to tell people no...but at some point you just have to.

To all of our troops today....thanks again!
SL6312 - Darth Vader - Patrick Engle
TI3127 - Rebel Fleeet Trooper - Cheryl Whitaker
SL3881 - Mara Jade - Sara Caldwell
TK3423 - Boba Fett - Bill Soloway
TK118 - C-3PO - Tom Schaefer
TK9989 - Officer - Kathy VanBeuningen
TK6628 - Stormtrooper - Kevin Koceja
Classic ANH Leia Beret Balestrieri-Kohn
Ben Kenobi - Lionel Bottari
Rebel Fleet Trooper- Shannon Trombley
TI2079 - X-Wing Pilot - Andrew Marsh
TC1900 - Clonetrooper - Gregg Bywater
TC2720 - support - Phil Zeman
TK1951 - Rebel Fleet Trooper - Phyllis Schulte
TD7306- Sandtrooper - Chris Spice
Vader wrangler - Kristin Carlson
Tom Schaefer's seeing eye dog - Robert Hamilton









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