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Chicago IL


On June 14th members of the Midwest Garrison, Midwest Base and Jedi Assembly were asked to attend a private VIP party in the museum after closing hours.

The museum asked us for a Chewie and a Leia so Kevin stepped up as the fur ball, and Dana as the princess. Tom debuted his C-3PO there and Darryl brought my friend R2-S5 the Ghetto droid :) We had Jen there and Ryan (as Ani) ' Andy and Joe as Tie Pilots, Maj Hassel as and Sandtrooper, Editmus as a Clean White Trooper, Jason as Vader, And GBH as Boba. And not to forget Kathy as the golden ones handler! LOL

We arrived Suited up and went to the main entrance where we great guests as they arrived. S5 had such a open smooth area to play, he got a bit carried away and face planted himself, giving himself a little cosmetic damage, but still fully functional.
Guests arrived, surprised by our presence but happy to see us. I was fully WAITING  for the question ... "Why do you have a silver leg?" but to my surprise, not only did I not hear it, But I had a gal come up and say "OOOO LOOK! He even has the silver leg!" That made me smile, Not that i had room in the helmet to smile! LOL

We then all went up to the rotunda, and continued to shmoose with guests, take pictures and have fun. We got the chance to walk through the CSI exhibit and see it.  Well SOME of us got to see it LOL, You try looking through 2 straws and see what you can see. LOL

Event ended and we all packed up and headed home. But not before we were told by the museum people that  we were a big hit and they were VERY happy with us!


Below are the photos from the event .....







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