Out Of This World Exhibit

Dearborn MI

The traveling exhibit called "Out Of This World" which has costumes, props and cars from both film and TV was at the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn MI.

The Great Lakes Garrison asked if I could attend as C-3PO. Well everything worked out as I was able to make it! A soon to be Midwest Garrison member River tagged along as my handler and wore my Imperial Crew costume. He was lots of fun to hang with.

River and I left IL about 4:30 am, and made our first stop just after we made it over the IN into MI. We found this big truck stop that had a restaurant in it and ate breakfast. WOW a TON of food and VERY well priced. Neither of us were able to finish it all LOL

We arrived in Dearborn at the museum at about 11am. Dearborn is a very clean city. and I was surprised how QUIET it was for a Saturday. We walked into the main lobby of the museum where we saw Steve and another trooper. I walked up and tapped them on the shoulder and said..."im the droid your looking for" LOL Steve said TOM ! the told us what door to go into.

I unpacked and started to dress in the golden iron maiden. Funny thing was is than NONE of the troopers there have ever seen a 3-po consume in person before and I think all of them were there watching me get ready. LOL Felt really weird being watched LOL After getting all bolted in we made our way out to the main part of the museum and started taking photos. I stood near a wall next to Heath's R2 unit.

My plan was to do two 1 hour appearances. Sadly it seems my 2 days of not eating in order to fit better into 3po backfired as after a 1/2 hour ! got a bit dizzy and nauseous and had to go back to the dressing area for a bit.
After a rest and some adjustments I was better and rebolted in and back on the floor. This time things went MUCH better. I was in 3PO this time around a little over 1 1/2 hours. Took lots of pics with museum goers and with a land speed record car called ........ GOLDENROD! LOL A newspaper or Magazine took pictures of this as well.

The Great Lakes Garrison, Along with the MI Midwest Garrison members and a CANADIAN Garrison member and a member of the R2 builders  made me feel very welcome and as with all 501st member did a fantastic job trooping. I saw sooo many people taking pics with the Ties, Troopers, Scout and BABA!  LOL Inside joke. I would be MORE than happy to troop with these guys and gals again!

The museum was very cool. When I saw furniture in the museum I was a bit confused. It is the Henry Ford museum and I was expecting a ton of cars. Well a museum employee named Tom was talking to River and myself and said this was a museum started by Henry Ford and things he had collected, not ABOUT Henry Ford. SO It made sense.

One of the highlights for me, I like historic things, was to see the limo that John F Kennedy was killed in. I didn't realize that that same limo was used after that for presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter after it was cleaned, Repaired and had a top installed.

Trooping ....
  Goldenrod and goldenrod      
Around Town - Dearborn
My name! At Big Boys in Dearborn Almost there! Is Big Boy ticklish? Gas only 2.15 in Dearborn!
The Museum My road!
Around Town Canada
  Gas in Canada.. YES ITS SAYS 91.6 Also serves Propane and Natural Gas Entering the tunnel How we got back to states
Canadian McDs
Boarder under warer in tunnel River on the river Detroit in BG from Canada side of the river Hold her up higher The How we got to canada
Other MI pics
Thats a HUGE tire! too much food
The Exhibit
Wicked Witch of the West Hat
Mask from "Enemy Mine"
Ridler from Batman Forever
The Batmobile
Imperial Officer
Vader - Stunt suit
Note cheeks are smoked plastic for better view
Obi Robe
Trooper bucket
E-11 Blaster
X-wing jump suit
Ghostbusters suit and pack
BSG Viper flight suit
Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek Tron
Highlander Indy Jacket
Kennedy's Limo







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