After fighting Auto Show traffic and arriving a few minutes late, we dragged our bins up to the changing room. Were were met by a nice young lady who ws very appreciative of us and gave us little cards to show us where we were to be stationed.

After getting Tom suited up into C-3PO, Kathy helped me into TK armor for the first time. After making plenty of adjustments to fit my larger frame into Tom's armor, the TK-118 impersonator was ready to go.

Tom was guided by another pleasant young lady who was in a storebought Jedi costume. She borrowed one of Phyliss's lightsabres and guided Tom to the party by the green light of its blade.

Kathy, Phyllis, Augie, and I roamed around the party until about 5:30, when they took us to the stage and showed us the stairs we would be standing next to for two hours. This we did. Tom joined us as TD-118 about halfway through the presentation.

Near the end of the awards presentations, they thanked the MWG and Midwest Base for volunteering our time for the donation to CMH. We then stood through the rest of the awards and were taken back upstairs.

We suited down, chatted for a time, and left.

Not many of the people there were Star Wars fans. Most of them seemed not to understand at all why we were there, despite the whole event being called "Star Awards." There were a few people who wanted pictures, but not nearly as many as in most events we participate in.

We are pleased to announce that ReMax has donated $500 to Children's Memorial Hospital in our name for our appearance.

Tom TK118 C3pO, Sandtrooper
Jason P SL1719 Stormtrooper
Phyllis TK1951 Stormtrooper
Kathy TK9989 Stormtrooper
Augie BH9397 Boba Fett





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