Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner



On Oct 19th 3 local members of the MWG were asked to show up for a local Cub Scout packs Blue and Gold dinner as it was close to Halloween and MANY of them were Star Wars fans.

Greg Fisher was asked by Couch Migeal Streamwood Cub Scout pack leader if he and a couple of other MWG members could make an appearance.

While this wasn’t a HUGE event, Nor was it an OFFICIAL event, more as a favor than anything else, it was fun.

We met up at the location at about 7 and were "On duty" at 8pm.
Participating were Greg Fisher as Tie Pilot, Tom Schaefer As Tusken Raider and David Fouse as Trooper.
We waited in the hall till the Imperial March started and then entered the gym. As we did the comments from the kids were loud. COOL, AWWWWHHHH and STAR WARS were yelled. We stood guard during the color guard ceremony and shook hands, answered questions and took LOTS of pictures!
Nothing grand, or overly extensive, just a simple meet and great.

After about a hour and a half, the get together ended and we suited down and us 3 went to eat after. Thanks Greg for the grub !

We were surprised to learn, that the envelope they gave Greg as a thank you contained $100. All three of us agreed that we would take this $$ and make a donation to the Children’s Memorial Hospital in the name of the MWG/501st and the Cub Scout Packs name.

It was a short but fun time where smiles were had for not only the kids, but for us as well, reminded us of just why we do this costuming hobby in the first place and what its all about, and in the end also benefited sick kids at the children's hospital.

THESE are the events we should ALL aspire to partake in. Its not about High Profile, "what can I get from it" events, Its all about kids, making them smile and having fun!



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