My Autographed Action Figures


These are the action figures I have gotten autographed over the years by several of the stars of Star Wars.
Each one I got in person by the celebs themselves.

You can see pictures of me with many of these celebs by clicking here

I know they are bad pics. I will get better ones up soon

Peter Mayhew Billy Dee Williams
GenCon Milwaukee
Peter Diamond
David Prowse Jeremy Bullock
Anthony Daniels Shannon McRandle
At C3
Maria DeAragon
Paul Blake
Ian Liston
At C3
Kenny Baker
  Richard LaParmentier aka Admiral Motti  Tim Rose Mike Quinn
Ken Coley
Carrie Fisher
Mike Carter Garrick Haggon Caroline Blakiston Warwick Davis
  Simon Williamson
At C3
Sean Crawford
Sept 04
Michonne Bourriague Leeanna Walsman
Aug 03
Temuera Morrison
At C3
Gerald Home
Sept 04
Barrie Holland
At C3
Kenny Baker Jerome Blake David Barclay &
Toby Philpott
At C3
Ray Park Anthony Daniels
    Ralph Brown
At C3
Amy Allen
Aug 03
Orli Shoshan
Aug 04
Zack Jensen
Aug 03
Jesse Jensen
Aug 03
Daniel Logan
Sept 04
Tim Dry
Sept 04
Rena Owen
Aug 04
Nalini Krishan
At C3
Michael Sheard
At C3
Sandi Finlay
At C3
Matthew Wood
At C3
Bodie Taylor
At C3
Mary Oyaya
At C3
Jay Laga'ala
At C3
David  Ankrum
Voice of Wedge
At Hollywood collectors Show in Burbank CA
Sat Jan 28th 2006
Jake Loyd
Young Anikin
Ashley Eckstein
Voice of Asoka

Aug 21 2010
Chris Parsons
At C5
Mark Hammil
Luke Skywalker

at C5

Dalyn Chew
Sept 04
Femmi Taylor Phil Brown  
Todd McFarland Sean Astin
Aug 03







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