Weird Al Show


On Sept 25th 07 members of the MWG were able to not only attend a live show with Weird Al, But BE PART OF IT.

Tara Patterson was our video / camera person, Mary Walton was our handler, Jason Patterson as Vader, Darrel Soren with R2-S5, Tom Schaefer as C-3PO, and John Fitsimmons, Jerry Budde, Rick Wilson, Chris Mazzoni and last min fill in Jeff Baron as Stormtroopers.

I arrived at 4:45 to find Darrel already there waiting. we unloaded R2 and headed to the back entrance. We were met by Hammer who showed us to our dressing room and took on onstage to place R2. It was cool seeing the stage from the back and seeing all Al's costumes on the side as we set up.

Rest arrived by 6:30 or so, did a very quick run through with Hammer before going to the catering room and enjoying some good food. We sat chatted for a while while Al started the show, then got dressed. and awaited Hammer to take us to stage.
We stood on the side of the stage behind the curtains for a min or two while al finished a rage song the stage went black and we walked on as they played the theme from Phantom of the Opera.
Lights came on and crowd went crazy.
Al started singing "The Saga Begins" and we all followed the instructions we were given, Slowly bobbing our heads then really getting into it.
Al Walked up to me in 3PO and sang a it, then approached Jason as Vader. It was really fun. I think Al enjoyed it as much as we did. The stage went dark and they played the Imperial march as we walked off stage.

After the show we stood around for a while while we waited to meet up with AL. One of the crew came into the room to tell us how well we did, (out of respect for other 501st members who have done show I wont repeat what was said about his comments on previous shows. rude)

We got to meet Al and everyone got an autograph and a chance to speak with him. We did a group show and presented al with his Honorary MWG membership. His response was "WOW!, Really? This is so cool Thank you guys!"

When I talked with him, he mentioned I was the first 3po he had used on stage and really liked it, But said he almost cracked up when he was singing by me and looked at him. He said something to the effect that the surprised look on 3POs face struck him as funny.

What I failed to mention in his mission report, as pointed out by Fitz, is that as we were leaving the stage and heading back to our dressing room, someone called out, "Wait! Don't go anywhere yet. The drummer from Anthrax (Charlie Benante) wants to get a picture with you guys."

So we took some pictures with him and proceeded back to the dressing room. Our dressing room was really small, so we sort of took over the catering room. Next thing you know, there's Charlie again, hanging out and asking questions about the costumes.

After that we suited down and headed home. It was a fun night and something none of us will forget.


Our Passes Al's Room Fitz at Al's Room WE ARE THE WORLD Tom gets a hand
Hammer time Our room What to do and when What? Need you neck cracked?
Bunny Ears Time to eat Jason get ready How do you guys do this Practice, kinda
Jerry and Al Tom and Al John and Al What way to the stage? My purple friend
With Charlie Benante Tom and Al With the roadies.. again

Al looses it!

New trooper?
Chris and Al Rich and Al Yep, Tom and Al Group Shot With Chearleaders
Al with R2-S5 Al's MWG membership With Charlie Benante Yes, words were ADDED to photo after
Buckets off 3PO gets revenge
Pics below are from AL fans... Hope you don't mind me grabbing them :)
OOO I look MAD here! LOL Me and Al on stage
Mary's Pics R2-S5s pics & video Us on stage video Happy Steve's Pics catanddogdoctor's Pics
WEIRDALexis279's Fred's Pics Jim T's Pics Duffy's Pics

Al falls at University
Park show






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